Pigment Gel® 1 oz


Key Features

* 2% hydroquinone for dramatic pigment reduction
* Leaves skin soft, plump and hydrated
* Skin lightening formulation promotes a bright, even complexion
* Effective on hormonal, sun-induced and breakout-induced

Effective Ingredients:

* Hydroquinone: Lightens existing and prevents future
* Phenylethyl resorcinol: An antioxidant that promotes an even
skin tone.
* Azelaic acid: Helps promote a clear complexion and an even skin
* Kojic acid: Helps promote an even skin tone.

Formulated with Beautiful Skin in Mind
Our products are scientifically developed and carefully
formulated to improve the health and appearance of your unique
skin. We understand the importance of formulating with the best
combinations of innovative ingredients to provide you with safe,
highly effective products that deliver on their promises. All of
our products are free of potential irritants like synthetic dyes
and fragrances. PCA SKIN does not perform or condone animal

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PCA SKIN Pigment Gel. This highly effective spot treatment serum
is developed with hydroquinone to lighten and inhibit
hyperpigmentation of all types, including age spots.


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